Gerontology Reports and Doctoral Projects

Aging in Place in an Intergenerational Housing Community

A Behavioral Health Diabetes Management Program for Latinx Older Adults in Colorado Springs

In Fall 2020, a group of doctoral students in the Geropsychology track of the Clinical Psychology PhD program at UCCS were tasked with examining the mental health needs of an underserved racial/ethnic older adult group within Colorado Springs and proposing a hypothetical program to meet these identified needs. The assignment was to identify an underserved population in Colorado Springs and utilize the current literature on clinical practice and available local and national data to generate culturally appropriate best practices for working with the targeted group and address barriers to treatment access and utilization within Colorado Springs. The student team identified the Latinx population as one of the largest and fastest growing minority groups within El Paso county and focused efforts on providing background information about how to best serve the mental health needs of this population. In addition, the team was tasked with detailing a mock consultation to a hypothetical funder to devise and recommend a potential program to meet the needs of the Latinx community based on these initial findings and proposed best practices. The proposed program was a behavioral health diabetes management program for Latinx older adults in Colorado Springs. The following video presentation is a recording of the final virtual presentation of the described project targeted toward members of the community with an interest in these issues. At the end of the recording, a brief Q&A session with the audience is shown.

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