Consent Form: "Gerontology Center Participant Registry"


Consent Form: "Gerontology Center Participant Registry"

The University of Colorado  Colorado Springs invites YOU to volunteer to participate in research conducted by faculty and students.

How?   Sign up on the Research Volunteer Contact List by contacting the Gerontology Center at 255-8005. 

  • You will be asked for basic contact information and the simple demographic information that helps researchers (e.g., gender, race, ethnicity, date of birth).  You can omit information if you wish and still be listed.
  • The List is maintained on an encrypted computer to ensure the privacy of persons listed on it.
  • The Director of the Gerontology Center shares the list with faculty and students when they submit a request along with the form indicating that the human subjects’ protection committee on campus (UCCS Institutional Review Board) has approved the project.
  • Researchers on specific projects will give you a call to invite you to participate, and you may choose whether you want to participate in each project separately.  Being on the Research Volunteer Contact List does not obligate you to participate at all.  And if you want to be removed from the list, simply call 255-8005 or email
  • The database will not be used for any reason other than recruiting research participants.


Scientific studies of human beings require a strategy for recruiting people of diverse backgrounds.  Many studies require several hundred participants to make them scientifically valid.  This List gives them a starting place for recruitment.

Examples of important topics that are being studied in various laboratories on this campus include  cognitive changes across the lifespan, reducing fall risk in older adults, anxiety and depression, fear of aging and dementia.

If you have questions regarding this database, you may contact the Director of the Gerontology Center, Sara Qualls (255-8038,

If you have questions regarding your rights as a research participant or any concerns regarding this database, you may report them confidentially if you wish -- to Michael Sanderson, Associate Director of the UCCS Office of Sponsored Programs and Research Integrity (255-3044 or